Mythir (closed species)
These creatures are highly sociable and family oriented creatures that live in expansive hives located in hives. They have the natural ability to nurture plants, therefore, the areas that support populations of Mythir tend to flourish into dense jungles. They are fierce when it comes to protecting their homes despite their tiny statures. 


→ first come first serve
→ note me with codename to claim! 
→ pay via paypal
→ hq version will be sent once payment is sent
→ design can be tweaked

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to my commissioners

sorry for taking a bit longer than I thought = A = / 

It seems I’ve hit a bit of an artblock/// If its alright I’m just going to take a minute to sort it out a lil so I don’t give you drawings that are complete shit sweats 

they shouldn’t be held off for too much longer though, this message is pretty much acknowledging that I haven’t forgotten about them heh

Apr 21st (1)
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happy easter

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happy easter

Apr 20th (134)

happy birthday gawki ~

Apr 17th (280)
Anonymous: I really like your voice, you have such a nice voice

thank you yells///

(btw that was supposed to be private but idk how to work mobile tumblr yet omg u reblog that u die)

Apr 15th (3)

hadeelaljbab replied to your post: Read More →

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Apr 14th (1)

I will call you “perfect”


we can’t go by the same name 

Apr 14th (2)
Anonymous: what name/title do you prefer to be called by? :)

anything as long as its not purposefully offensive or w/e 

Apr 14th (1)
fragilefox: It's weird to see you as poplerpig bc in my mind you're still Fuzz tbh

i have to say that i feel the opposite LMAO

its weird being called fuzz now 

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