obligatory sad clown

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obligatory sad clown

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 ✂  ✂  

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Anonymous: i like to poo

as long as its in da toilet 

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Anonymous: What are some artists/resources you learned from? :>

here are a few of my inspirations I guessssss:

  • Jean Jansem
  • takeshi obata
  • takato yamamoto 
  • yoshitaka amano
  • sam wolfe connelly
  • hikari shimoda
  • ayu nakata
  • brett helquist 

(there are a LOT more including internet buds but i don’t want to turn this into a novel, I’ll compile them all one day…)

and then just various speedpaints and tutorials and my high school art program was rly good and learning about art history and just general observation

I’m blanking on specific tutorials n things gomen I don’t have a more specific answer…

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comm for scary-and-powerful-fire-demon

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I’m just letting off steam dw

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Anonymous: Ive probably been following you for like.. 2 years or something like that??? And I saw your art on my dash for the first time in like a month and I was so blown away you have improved so much omg <3 I hope you have a wonderful day~

clutches chestt that means so much thank you ;;; A ;;; /// 

I hope your day is wonderful too anon !!

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simon probably smells like 4 weeks of heavy sweating and no showering b/c he spent 4 weeks heavily sweating and not showering

friend for feverworm victor

he doesn’t know the meaning of personal space and spends his life sleeping on other people’s couches

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cartoonist-in-theory: looking at your art inspires me so much wow like thank you so much for being hella

scREAMS THANK YOU SO MUCH ;;;; Q ;;;;;;;

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