I know the caption was inane at best but can it not be removed

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kois0: i dunno about characters, but you remind me of/make me think of a sort of fluffy woodsprite type creature with scruffy hair who sits around in a big sweater drinking hot beverages



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alba-cioara: You remind me of a character who's super cute and everyone loves them and they're so talented and perfect and wow i wanna protect them


so I remind u of you

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a pig, a witch, and a canadian mutant, I feel like that sums me up pretty well <3 

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"he is the villain of pure evil, and is a cruel and ruthless warlord […]"

idk that sounds p spot on

peppermintrobot replied to your post: tHEY BOTH SEEM SO DIFFERENT in a way//…

I should’ve probably been more specific but I meant the first kaneki omg but you have the like ideas? of the second, like with your characters and writing and stuff like that

yEE personally I think he has the same ideals all the way through he just goes about it differently if that makes sen s e// he’s a lot more passive but wants to do something, he just doesn’t know how to go about until thingy happens///// 

LMAO ye second kaneki (shironeki? kaneki 2.0?) is p much all the things I like wrapped in a lil bundle I love drawing him b/c he hits a lot of the points I like to draWww

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tHEY BOTH SEEM SO DIFFERENT in a way// I never really watched the grim adventures of billy and mandy for w/e reason buT FROM WHAT I DID/ DO SEE I LIKE THAT LMAO THANK YOU

and precious kaneki cups face thank you octo///// yelps

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be the one who gets hurt 

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be the one who gets hurt 

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abunaday: Most noticeable is the color. They're not particularly bright or blinding, but the entire effect of the color choices is eye-catching.

yAy that’s good to hear * v * 

I like that description, thank you~

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Anonymous: Have u ever gotten two opposite felling and thought wtf is this, this is why i dont like feelings


mostly neutral and sad which is a weird feeling

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