for kelpls ~~ 

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for kelpls ~~ 

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Anonymous: Hello! Just thought you should know either your commission link is broken, or you forgot to update them to closed on your links page. Not sure which it's supposed to be. Hope you are having a nice day~ And I love your art! c:

O poo I don’t have it linked to a specific page b/c my comm posts keep changing and I’m lazy harhar

updated just for u tho

thank you for telling me !!

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Anonymous: Hello. I was wondering if you would mind me using some of your illustrations as a basis and as inspiration for costume design. I am specifically referencing this /post/85743820133/ but I am inspired by your art in general!

I would be okay with it except that specific post is for adopts, therefore those designs don’t technically belong to me anymore ; 7 ; You could ask the owners tho~

other than that I don’t mind at all * V * u shud definitely link me the costume design when ur done I’D LOVE TO SEEEE

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zombie stetson (bitprince) and reu doodles from last night

i really need to post art to this blog

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To my commissioners

I’m sorry my pace has been slow cries

I’ve been struggling with drawing as of late/// its been taking me all day to draw things that normally take me a few hours and guh frustration// also I’ve been preparing for school so there’s that

this is just to let you know that I haven’t forgotten, and they are getting done, just slowly ; 7 ; I want to make sure you’ll be happy with them~~

AND SORRY FOR ALL THE TEXT POSTS I’M POSTING ART TOMORROW AND If you’re new to following me I tag all my text posts with “poopins”

glides away

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I went to the dollar store today 

victor is feverworm's 

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Anonymous: im gonna say it everyday

Please don’t

I don’t want to dip anyone in honey honey is gross

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Anonymous: hey homes do u think you could... copy/paste... the refs that you were sent ahaha ._.; (please)

How to draw hands (beginning part of painting them I guess///)

Painting realistic hands

Digital painting tutorial painting hands

there were some others but they were compilations of different tutorials, I’m not sure if I should link them

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this was for me and poplerpig trade but Im actually gonna redo this cause idk i have more ideas for it and I need time to I for got to share it here. but since I consider this unfinished and a doodle ill just post it here <W>

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