happy birthday gawki ~

Apr 17th (269)
Anonymous: I really like your voice, you have such a nice voice

thank you yells///

(btw that was supposed to be private but idk how to work mobile tumblr yet omg u reblog that u die)

Apr 15th (3)

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Apr 14th (1)

I will call you “perfect”


we can’t go by the same name 

Apr 14th (2)
Anonymous: what name/title do you prefer to be called by? :)

anything as long as its not purposefully offensive or w/e 

Apr 14th (1)
fragilefox: It's weird to see you as poplerpig bc in my mind you're still Fuzz tbh

i have to say that i feel the opposite LMAO

its weird being called fuzz now 

Apr 14th (4)

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Apr 14th (6)

coms for the lovely andi

always a pleasure to draw your ocs ; v ; /

Apr 13th (102)

fullbody comm of remppalina precious doggie

Apr 12th (174)
Apr 12th (27)